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Shaun Holguin - Jodie Sweetin's Ex-Husband Who is a Police Officer

sunu Published On Thu Apr 15 2021   Modified On Thu Apr 15 2021
Shaun Holguin - Jodie Sweetin's Ex-Husband Who is a Police Officer

Many stars came to the spotlight because of their famous partners. Shaun Holguin is one of them, who became famous because of his famous singer's ex-wife Jodie Sweetin.

Get to know more about the police officer Holguin and his ex-wife the multitalented star.

Who is Shaun Holguin?

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Shaun Holguin is known as an American police officer who works in Los Angeles, California. He came into the limelight after he married the famous actor, singer, and dancer, his ex-wife Jodie Sweetin.

Holguin was born in Huntington Beach, California USA on 29th June 1978.

The police officer Holguin belongs to white ethnicity but holds an American nationality. 

He has blue eyes color and brown hair.

Famous through Marriage

Marriage picture of Officer Shaun Holguin with The Star Jodie Sweetin ( IMG; 

Holguin and his ex-wife the multitalented star Sweetin first met in 2002 and they started dating.

Holguin gains huge popularity after marrying the famous singer, Sweetin.

The couple dated for only about six months. Soon after that, the pair decided to tie themself to the wedding knot.

Officer Holguin married his ex-wife the star Sweetin on July 27th,2002. They got married when Holguin was 24 and Sweetin was only 20 at age.

Shaun Holguin And Jodie Sweetin's Divorce

Shaun Holguin with his ex-wife Jodie Sweetin ( IMG; eceleb

Holguin and Sweetin's marriage didn't last for long, the couple got divorced after three years of their marriage.

The reason behind their divorce came to know that, while officer Holguin was busy serving himself to the police department, Sweetin began hooking up with terrible friends.

And soon after that, she started to become addicted to crystal meth and many other drugs. 

The multitalented star Sweetin often used to lie to Holguin because while she was doing all this stuff.

The loyal officer, Holguin has no clue about what she was doing behind his back.

After finding out about Sweetin's addiction to drugs, Holguin tried his best to get rid of her drug addiction.

He supports her in spite of her drug addiction and lies, he helped her to get sober and also sent her to rehab where she stayed for about six months.

But since his wife was a user of drugs, despite his effort to get rid of her addiction.

 Holguin loses his belief that he will not able to trust her for an extended period.

So as a result he decided to divorce her on 23rd February 2006. His married life did not turn out as he dreamed.

However, the couple doesn't have any children together. 

How much is his net worth?

According to the statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an American police officer earns up to an average wage of  $62760 or $30.17 per year, as per their reliable source.

The American police officer Holguin has an approximate net worth of around $1.5 million. 

He usually earns from his work as a Los Angeles Police Officer.

Social Media

Shaun Holguin is not very interested in social media. He is not active on any social site. 

Holguin usually likes to keep his personal life private. According to that, the identity of his parents and any siblings is not available.

Body Measurement

There is no further information describing his height and weight. 

As he is not active on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter there are no details regarding his body measurement.