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Shayy Dee - Being Bullied in School to Getting Success in Music

sunu Published On Mon Jun 14 2021   Modified On Mon Jun 14 2021
Shayy Dee - Being Bullied in School to Getting Success in Music

Shayy Dee is an American rapper, YouTuber, and social media star. She is famous for presenting recordings of her physical appearance, her lifestyle challenges,  and also for her mysterious personality. She has written songs including Temperature, Yuh Get Into It, and Demons.

Shayy is a victim of Albinism, and she usually vlogged from the hospital, where she keeps her fans updated about her health. Moreover, she promotes fashion brands from her YouTube channel. She has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

Wiki, Parents & Education:

Shayy was born as Shakoveonce Reed in Davenport, Iowa, on July 14, 2000. She is the only daughter born to her mother Tabrick Jordan, whereas her father is unknown. 

Speaking about her education, the YouTuber didn't have pleasant school days as she was used to getting bullied for her not-so-healthy bone structures, for not able to study well, and couldn't able to perform at school events. However, she is a high school graduate student.

Had a Pre-Mature Birth:

Shayy Dee was born in July when she wasn't due until August. And because of her premature birth, she had to face many health issues like bone disease and also had a genetic disorder called Albinism which is the reason she has white hair and very light-colored skin compared with her African-American parents. It also involves and eye color and vision.

Furthermore, recently on January 10, 2021, Shayy posted a tweet on her Instagram account saying, on that particular day she vlogged her therapy session for the first time, and also she said that she was proud of herself for recording the way she walks. 

She mentions that she was always been ashamed of her way of walking, she said that it was time and also upload a video of her walking.

Personal Life: Dating & Past Affairs;

Shayy with her gf Kat.

Currently, the social media star Shayy Dee is engaged with a girl named Kat Breezy. The two often post pictures of them together. Moreover, their relationship got official in October of 2020 via their Instagram post. 

Shayy with her rumored bf, Hakeem

However, before she was in a relationship with kat she was dating Hakeem Newkirk, also a social media personality. 

Career & Net Worth:

Dee's Youtube channel was launched in April 2018. And soon after that, she was able to get 5 million views on her youtube channel in a very short period of time. Due to her warm and mysterious personality, she has a huge group of fans and supporters. 

Shayy Dee is also a musician.

Shayy Dee has an estimated net worth of $700,000 from her career as a Youtuber and also as a musician. She also uses her YouTube fame to promotes designer labels.