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Who is Sherrie Swafford? Steve Perry Wrote a Song For Him But Now Seperated

chand Published On Fri Aug 20 2021   Modified On Fri Aug 20 2021
Who is Sherrie Swafford? Steve Perry Wrote a Song For Him But Now Seperated

Sherrie Swafford is known for being the former girlfriend of Steve Perry. He is the former songwriter and lead vocalist of the Rock Band called "Journey".

The song Oh Sherrie! is the song where Steve Perry sang his affection for Sherrie. There is so much for you to find about Sherrie so keep scrolling!


Very little or no information about Swafford can be found as She always has been so private about her personal life. The information about her schooling, what type of Childhood did she grew up in, or even how did she met and fell in love with Perry isn't revealed by either of them.

Sherrie Swafford in her blonde hair.
Sherrie Swafford in her blonde hair.
Source: Twitter/@swaffordsherrie

Sherrie's Romance with Perry 

There is no information on when they started to date but these two once were so much in love with each other, every other couple wanted to be like them. During their relationship, Perry wrote and sang several songs for Swafford like Oh Sherrie, Open Arms, and Separate Ways. 

In 1984 his song Oh Sherrie was #3 on Billboards. The couple had a short but very passionate love for each other.

Sherrie Swafford with Steve Perry drinking coffee together
Sherrie Swafford with Steve Perry.
Source: Sandy


Swafford has starred in the music video Oh Sherrie! which was released on April 7, 1984. Swafford got a huge amount of fame from that video. 

She is kind of a private person nothing much is known about her career but after the separation, she was working as Esthetician and Yoga Instructor.

Why did they break up?

Sherrie Swafford and Steve Perry were so much in love with each other. But because Perry was busy with his Bands, the relationship started to went downhill. They were constantly having arguments in each and everything. Just love wasn't enough for them as they both wanted understanding from each other. 

They both turned out to be good for each other but not right for each other. They both wanted different things, Sherrie was a very private person but staying with Steve meant constantly having media exposure, so both decided to break up. But still, after the separation, they stayed good friends.

Sherrie's life after the separation 

Sherrie's always was a private person, so after the separation, she went away from media exposure. After the break-up, there is no news of her new relationships, she didn't get married nor has any kids. 

She is just enjoying her life by working as an Esthetician and yoga instructor. She has pets and she loves gardening in her free time. She is living her life as she always wanted away from all the limelight.

Net worth 

Sherrie Swafford's estimated net worth is $40,000. She earns from being an esthetician and by instructing Yoga. The amount she earns is enough for her to live a good life.

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