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Meet Eric Clapton’s Youngest Daughter Sophie Belle Clapton: Interesting Facts About Her

abhram Published On Wed Aug 10 2022   Modified On Wed Aug 10 2022
Meet Eric Clapton’s Youngest Daughter Sophie Belle Clapton: Interesting Facts About Her

Sophie Belle is the youngest daughter of famous English Rock Guitarist, Singer, and Song composer Eric Clapton and his second wife Melia McEnery. 

Rock and blues guitarist Eric Clapton is well-known for his compositions Wonderful Tonight, Tears in Heaven, Layla, I Shot the Sheriff, Cocaine, and Change The World.

Sophie is the Star kid who is still in his teen and is popular with her father's name. While Melia, Sophie's mother, is a social activist who also happens to be a graphic designer, her father is a well-known singer, vocalist, song composer, and guitarist who is considered one of the most highly influential guitarists of his time.

Follow this article to know some interesting facts about Eric Clapton's youngest daughter. The article includes information about Sophie's parents, her siblings, her love life, and other things.

Sophie Belle Early Life;  Birth, Clapton Parents And Grandparents

The former Yardbirds guitarist and the ex-founding member of Cream, a British Rock band, Eric Clapton and his second wife Melia McEnery welcome their youngest daughter on Feb 1, 2005, in London, England. 

Sophie Belle Clapton & her father Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton is a native of Ripley, Surrey, England, while Sophie Belle's mother Melia is of Scottish-English and Korean-Irish ancestry. The name of her Grandparents is Patricia Molly Clapton and Edward Walter Fryer. Her Grandfather Edward Walter Fryer was a soldier.

Sophie Clapton’s Is Youngest Daughter of Eric Clapton And Melia McEnery

The 18 Grammy award winner Eric Clapton met Melia in 1999. The guitarist was working on an album with BB King while her mother was working as a Graphic Designer and also working as an event organizer for Giorgio Armani

At the Armani-organized party, Eric and Melia had their first contact. Relationships between Eric and Melia quickly blossom. Giorgio Armani was the one to inform Melia's parents about the growing closeness between the musician Eric and the graphic artist Melia.

Sophie Belle Clapton’s mother, Melia McEnery, and her father, Eric Clapton

However, against their stern instructions, Melia and Eric decided to go on a date despite Eric's parents' strict orders not to. The happy pair separated, though, as their romance didn't last long. However, when Eric and Melia split up, she was six months pregnant. Their first daughter Julie was born in June 2001. They, therefore, join forces and get married on January 1st 2002 to better the child's future.

Sophie Belle Siblings: She Has Three Elder Sister

Sophie Belle has two biological sisters, Julie Rose Clapton and Ella May Clapton. Julie Clapton is an actress who had also featured in a couple of her dad's songs while Ella May Clapton is completing her study. 

from left, Melia, Ella, Sophie (down), Ruth, and Julie.

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In addition to Julie and Ella, Sophie also has half-siblings Ruth Kelly and Late Conor Clapton. Ruth Kelly who is also a sensational singer just like her father Eric was born in Eric's relationship with Yvonne Kelly. She is married and resides in New York with her husband and two kids.

Sophie Belle's Father's Previous Marriage and Affairs

Pattie Boyd, an English model, writer, and photographer who was married to Eric's friend George Harrison, was his first wife. Pattie insisted on staying with Harrison. To express his affection for Pattie, Eric even wrote the song "Layla."

When Eric and Pattie got married in 1979, they unsuccessfully tried to conceive a child. Even nevertheless, a miscarriage occurred when they chose to use science's assistance for the procedure, and in 1988 they decided to get divorced.

In 1985, while still wed to Pattie, Eric had an extramarital relationship with Yvonne Kelly. It was Ruth and Julie's Baptism when Eric and Ella announced their plan of getting married. 

Additionally, Eric Clapton had a relationship with Italian model Lory Del Santo, with whom he had a son named Conor Clapton in 1986.

Death Of Sophie's 4-Year-Old Brother: Fell From The 53rd Floor Of A Building in New York

Additionally, Lory Del Santo, an Italian model, and Eric Clapton are the parents of Conor Clapton. Lory and Eric had an affair while Eric was married to Pattie, his first wife. Conor, Ella's half-brother, perished horribly after falling from a New York building's 53rd storey.

Just one day before this catastrophe, it is said that the Grammy Award winner committed Conor to take him to an Italian restaurant and the zoo.

Sophie Belle late half brother Conor Clapton

Conor was waiting for his father Eric, who had promised him a day out, on the day that this incident occurred. Sadly, one window was left open while the janitor was working on the bedroom windows on the 53rd floor where the 4-year-old child was running.

Conor frequently rubbed his nose against the glass of the window to clear his vision, and when he tried to do so this time, he slept and fell from the building which succumbed him to death. "Tears In Heaven" is a song that the grieving father wrote in remembrance of his son.

Sophie Belle's Mother Is A Social Worker

Melia, Ella's mother, is a graphic designer by profession. When she first met Eric in Los Angeles in 1999, she was a graphic artist and organizer for the renowned Company.

Melia is now in charge of a charitable trust even though her qualifications are irrelevant. She runs an organization called Turn Up For Recovery that uses music to promote awareness of various addictions. She serves as a senior advisor for Crossroads Centre Antigua.

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Is Sophie Belle Clapton Dating Anyone?

Sophie is not on social media, unlike her older biological sisters Julie and Ella. Since Sophie has kept her personal affairs private, it is quite difficult to determine whether she is dating anyone. She is still in her adolescent years, so it won't be too confusing to say that she is single right now.

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Sophie Belle's Net Worth: Her Father Is Rich

Sophie Belle is still a teenager and is completing her study. Also, she is not involved in any kind of profession. Hence she doesn't have a net worth of her own but she had to lavish upbringing offered by her father.

Her Father Eric Clapton Is Very Rich

Sophie's,  Musician father Eric Clapton who started his career at the age of 17 with the band "The Roosters," has a staggering net worth of more than $450 million.

Sophie with her father  Eric Clapton at LAX airport in March 2017

In his six decades-long careers, Eric has sold over 280 million records and has done hundreds of tours and shows. Additionally, he is ranked as the 18th most expensive rock star in the world. The attractive man who had numerous affairs both before and after his marriage also enjoys Ferrari. Eric, who loved motorcycle racing as a child, has earned several Ferraris.

He remembers Mike Hawthorn, Fangio Ferrari, Alpha Romeo, Mercedes, and Alto Union from when he was five or six years old.

Eric Clapton had owned art collections that he increased by $10 million. Along with having several cars, the artist also owns homes in England, France, Ohio, and Antigua, among other countries.

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