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Meet Stephanie Jeselnik - Comedian Anthony Jeselnik's Mother

salina Published On Sun Jul 18 2021   Modified On Sun Jul 18 2021
Meet Stephanie Jeselnik - Comedian Anthony Jeselnik's Mother

Stephanie Jeselnik is the mother of the famous American comedian, Comedy Central host Anthony Jeselnik and wife of Pittsburgh lawyer Anthony F Jeselnik. 

According to Anthony, Mrs. Jeselnik is a housewife. She is a wonderful mother to five kids; two sons and five daughters. She gave birth to her kids in a span of seven years. 

Anthony Jeselnik is her eldest child.

Mrs. Jeselnik is married to Anthony F. Jeselnik.

The origin of the surname Jeselnik and ancestry is derived from Slovenia.

While talking to Parade, her son Anthony mentioned that his father is an attorney who has been providing legal services in his hometown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States.

He also stated that his dad was a little too strict when he was growing up.

His father Anthony F Jeselnik has been licensed as an attorney for the past 46 years.

Jeselnik graduated from University of Notre Dome with his B.A degree and he pursued his J.D degree from Georgetown University. 

His net worth is estimated to be approximately $122,960 USD.

Stephanie is a mother to five kids

Out of Stephanie Jeselnik's five kids, Anthony Jeselnik is a worldwide famous 42- years- old famous American writer and comedian (born 22 December 1978).

Jeselnik is renowned for his well-established brand of dark humor. He has roasted and made jokes about the infamous 9/11 incident in the USA, his family, and many more.

He worked as a staff writer for Jimmy Fallon's show widely known as the Late Night show for the first season. However, he decided to back off later because he had a hard time working with the light humor presented on the show.

Anthony is also been a host of the famous show Comedy Central Roast since 2003. He earned a name for himself when he roasted the former president of United States,Donald Trump along with Charlie Sheen and Roseanne Barr.

Relationships of Her Eldest Son

Anthony Jeselnik dated a famous American actress and a fellow stand up comedian Amy Schumer. They were in a on-and- off relationship from 2009 till 2013.

When asked by Cosmopolitan about the breakup Schumer mentioned that there is no anger between them and that they didn't have a bad breakup.

Anthony Jeselnik and Amy Schumer in a relationship
Former couple Anthony Jeselnik and Amy Schumer attending Power of Comedy. Source- eCelebrityFacts

The 42 year old comedian's relationship status is reported as single as of 2021. 

Stephanie Jeselnik and her husband raised their five kids together in Upper St. Claire , Pennsylvania which is a nice little  suburban area. 

In an interview with Vulture, Jeselnik mentioned that his parents were not fully appreciative of his choice of career since they lived in a quiet little area and they had less idea on how the entertainment industry works. 

He stated that 

"They weren't not supportive , but they weren't supportive either, they just didn't really understand how I was going to make money."

His parents started supporting his career when he finally got into Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Show as a writer. Earlier, they were not quite sure how the stand -up comedy would help in generating sustainable earning.

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