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Stephanie Rose Bongiovi Bio: Jon Bon Jov's Daughter Arrested For Possessing Drugs

Arshad Published On Fri Mar 18 2022   Modified On Wed Mar 16 2022
Stephanie Rose Bongiovi Bio: Jon Bon Jov's Daughter Arrested For Possessing Drugs

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi is an accomplished model, production assistant, and camera operator best known for being the daughter of the singer-songwriter Jon Bon Jovi. She has made a name for herself by following her passion through modeling.

In 2012, Stephanie got media attention as she was arrested for possessing drugs. She had overdosed on heroin and was found in an unconscious state to death in her hostel room. 

Only Daughter of Jon Bon Jovi

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi was born on  May 31, 1993, in New Jersey, United States. She was the eldest child among four children of her parents Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley. Her father is an actor while her mother is a karate instructor and an owner of a restaurant.

She grew up with her three younger brothers, Jacob Hurley Bongiovi, Jesse Bongiovi and Romeo Jon Bongiovi.

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi with her beloved dad
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As Stephanie was the first child of her parents, she has always been daddy’s little girl and was raised with lots of love. Her father had also written a song titled I Got the Girl to show his unconditional love for Stephanie. On the same song, she performed on stage with her father at the age of 7.

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi attended college at Hamilton College and then joined the New School in Manhattan. In May 2017, she graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts.

Arrested for Taking Drugs

In November 2012, Stephanie was found unconscious state lying in her hostel room. The reason was later revealed as she was overdosed on heroin and was near to death. She was in her first year at Hamilton College at the time.

A medical team came and rescued her to the hospital. When she came back from her unconsciousness, she called her father where he got to know about his daughter's drug addiction for the first time. It created the worst feelings ever in his life.

After being discharged from the hospital Stephanie got arrested along with one of her roommates for possession of drugs. Police also found some marijuana and a criminal amount of drug paraphernalia while investigating in her room. However, according to 'Good Samaritan' law, they got out in a short period of time.

The incident made  Stephanie’s family emotionally disturbed. From the day onwards she stayed away from using drugs and started a new phase of her life. 

She is a Model

After a shook movement in her life, she started to work on herself and started to build up her career. In 2013, she worked in The Weinstein Company as an assistant, and in 2015, she made an internship at  Vice Media's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

After a year of her graduation, she supported her father at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductions.

Stephanie as a model at White Trash beautiful

She also worked as a model for Nikki Lund's fashion show entitled 'White Trash Beautiful'  in London. 

Estimated Net Worth of $500 Thousand

Stephanie has lived a sober life and it is good to hear that she was able to recover and start a pretty successful career in media.

Dеѕріtе bеіng thе dаughtеr оf Јоn Воn Јоvі, ѕhе has earned by her own through modeling and singing. Her total net worth is estimated to be $500 thousand. Meanwhile, her father Jon Bon Jovi has an estimated net worth of $410 million.