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Steve Ross - Painter Bob Ross's Son Who Also Followed The Same Passion

salina Published On Sun Aug 29 2021   Modified On Sun Aug 29 2021
Steve Ross - Painter Bob Ross's Son Who Also Followed The Same Passion

Steve Ross, the son of a well-known painter and television show host Bob Ross, has been hosting his own painting shows.

 However, they are not broadcast on the public broadcasting system. Instead, he uses social media to live to stream his videos, demonstrating that he can paint just as well as his father but in a different style. 

While his father was known for his peaceful demeanor, which was full of happiness, Steve is known for being vulgar, hilarious, talkative, and full of lewd jokes. 

He makes statements that make people laugh and he continues to delight them with comedy. Of course, he was considerably less lewd for his appearances on his father's show.


Ross began broadcasting his painting shows on Tumblr following his father's death. 

His paintings elevated him to new levels of fame while simultaneously reviving Ross's painting heritage. In his live stream videos, he demonstrated his distinct style which differed from that of his father.


Bob Ross, a painter and television personality is the father of the painter Steve Ross. Bob Ross is said to have painted 30,000 paintings over his lifetime. Ross wished for everyone to think that they too have the potential to be artists.

Bob died in the year 1995 but his celebrity status continues to rise. There are Bob Ross clubs, T-shirts with his image and sayings, and Internet memes mick his calm spoken aphorisms, which his business partner Annette Kowalski referred to as 'liquid tranquilizer'. 

Bob Ross
Steve Ross's famous father Bob Ross. Source- Reddit Blog

It is easy to imagine Ross being ecstatic to see his art accepted and praised in so many different ways by so many different people.

Steve's advice to younger artists

Steve Ross enjoys teaching and makes it a point to assist others in learning how to accomplish what they enjoy. He provides them advice and guidance in the same way his father did, telling them that it is as simple as take up a brush and start painting on it to make the canvas wet. 

He is pleased to advise them to keep practicing once they begin because time is what helps them learn how to become proficient.

 Even today's youthful prodigies cannot just take up a brush and start painting a scene like Bob Ross's television shows. Moreover, Steve also frequently encourages individuals not to discourage others from being creative in their own right.

Net Worth

Steve Ross's net worth is still unclear to this day. He was a painting instructor who stayed out of the spotlight for the most part. However, he does give personal interviews occasionally. 

Around the time of his death, his father, Bob Ross had about ten million dollars.

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