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Everything About Warren Buffet’s Daughter Susan Alice Buffett

Abhram Published On Mon Aug 22 2022   Modified On Sat Sep 03 2022
Everything About Warren Buffet’s Daughter Susan Alice Buffett

Susan Alice Buffett is the daughter of the billionaire Warren Buffett, Warren Buffett is the CEO and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. According to Forbes, the net worth of a billionaire is over $114 billion which makes him the sixth wealthiest person on the earth.

The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and a multibillionaire gave 4 billion to charity in June 2022. The late Warren Buffett and his late wife Susan Thompson Buffet's daughter is Susan Alice Buffett. The couple has three kids: Susan is the oldest, while Howard and Peter are the other two.

Susan plays a significant role in the Buffet family both emotionally and professionally. She is particularly focused on the Sherwood Foundation, an organization with roots in Omaha that offers low-income families access to human services and public education.

Scroll down to learn more about her personal and professional history, as well as her work to advance the general welfare.

Susan Alice Buffett; Where Did She Grow Up?

Susan was born on July 30, 1953, in Omaha, Nebraska, as the first child of billionaire Warren Buffett and his deceased wife Susan Thompson Buffett.

Susan was born and raised in Nebraska, and she completed her official education at the racially and economically diverse downtown Omaha Central High School. Additionally, it is one of the city's top schools with the highest enrollment.

The Founder of Sherwood Foundation, Susan Alice Buffett along with her dad Warren Buffett

Susan studied home economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and social ecology at the University of California, Irvine. However, she dropped out before graduation.

An Unusual Marriage Of Susan’s Parents

When Susan's parents, Warren and Susie, wed in 1952, they stayed together until the millionaire wife passed away in 2004.

Warren, the world's largest investor, was married to Susan Thompson, but they also had a romance and were engaged to be married to Asterid Menks at the same time. This made their marriage unusual.

from left, Warren Buffett, Astrid Menks, and Susie Alice Thompson 

Susan had a friend named Menks who was a waitress in the same French café where Susan worked as a singer. Later, they grew close, and when Susan left Buffett to pursue her job, Menks was caring for Buffett. This connection developed into an uncommon triangle. Menks and Mr Buffett are still living together and together in Omaha.

Susan Alice Buffett Has Been A Philanthropist All Her Life 

Susan, one of the Sherwood Foundation's chairs, has long supported early childhood education and is constantly looking for new ways to improve the programs.

In a statement, the Sherwood Foundation, formerly known as the Susan A. Buffett Foundation, is quoted as saying,

“The Sherwood Foundation promotes equity through social justice initiatives enhancing the quality of life in Nebraska.”

The organization's principal goals include preserving civic sovereignty and equity, with a special emphasis on women and others who experience racism because of their sex, religion, or other characteristics.

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Her organization has contributed financially to numerous nonprofit projects focusing on social justice and education.

Over 550 activities at the Ohama Public School have received financial support from Susan, who has been very engaged in the social work field. Through her child fund, she also supports pre-K programs for kids from low-profile households, furthering her philanthropist drive.

Other Things That Susan Organization Looks After

The Susan Organization, which actively works to give victims of sex-based and religious discrimination access to other social justice initiatives including the fight against sex trafficking, is attempting to expand this access.

Additionally, Susan's The Sherwood Foundation is attempting to expand geographically. The billionaire father and daughter are coping with a wide range of societal problems that affect regular people.

Due to his commitment, millionaire Ponce, Susan's father, donated 90% of his money to the general population. Just a few days ago, he made a 4 billion US dollar donation.

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Susan's organization, which deals with social justice problems, expressed interest in the campus shootings and has spoken against US gun laws.

The organization headed by Susan has donated over a billion dollars to support other Nebraska-based local organizations.

Susan Alice Buffett Had No Idea About Their Father's Wealth

Susan and her brother were unknown to that fact about their father's wealth, they had no idea how much rich their father was. Susan stated this in an interview. 

“No, and we really weren’t in those years. We weren’t poor. But when I was a baby, I slept in the dresser drawer. My father earned every penny, and when I was five, we moved to the house he still lives in, which is in a lovely, middle-class neighborhood. I rode the bus to school every day. We did not get cars when we turned 16.

from left, Susan Alice Buffet with her father, Warren Buffet, and brothers, Howard Buffet, and Peter Buffet. Getty

Susan didn't learn of her father's fortune for the first time until she read a Wall Street Journal article, not from their parents. She acknowledged, however, that while being uninformed of her family's riches, she had the impression that they were doing well because she observed her mother managing a scholarship program.

Susan Alice Buffett Isn’t Going To Inherit Her Father’s Money

Everyone is aware of Warren's promise to give all of his wealth to charity. He has been performing this for years. He made the decision to donate all of his wealth to charity in 2006, and Oracle of Omaha was the organization that first made this plan public.

Warren made it plain that it would be preferable for his net fortune to be used for philanthropic reasons rather to his children's portfolios, and he has already begun donating billions to the charity organization.

Susan, the founder of The Sherwood Foundation, has no issues with her father's decision to donate money to the non-profit. The dedication of their father has made Susan and her brother quite pleased.

Talking about her father’s decision, Susie once said,

“It wasn’t a surprise. He told us in advance. And to be honest, I don’t think I’d want the burden of giving that much away.”

Who Is Susan Alice Buffett’s Husband? Does She Have Children?

Susan after being dropped from college used to work as an assistant. She there made lawyer for Public Citizen Allen Greenberg. They tied the knot in 1983 but the couple parted away in 1995.

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Susan and Allen are parents of two kids, she dated John Foley and married him in 2017. Susan lived as a single mother for 2 decades before she dated Foley.

Susan Alice Buffett with her second husband John Foley

What Is Susan Alice Buffett's Net Worth?

Susan is the daughter of Warren Buffett who is the world's sixth-richest person and has not benefited massively from her dad's wealth. Susie and her sibling have $2 billion from Mr Buffett according to the reports. 

But it's not easy to say how much Susan has own for herself. As this fact remains ambiguous.

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