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Taylor Hawkins Bio: Is His Cause of Death Drug Overdose?

grex Published On Sun Mar 27 2022   Modified On Sun Mar 27 2022
Taylor Hawkins Bio: Is His Cause of Death Drug Overdose?

Taylor Hawkins was an American musician, best known as the drummer for the rock band Foo Fighters. He joined Foo Fighters in 1997 and he recorded eight studio albums with it. He was Alanis Morrissette's touring drummer before he joined the Foo Fighters. 

For more than two decades, Taylor Hawkins was the drummer for Foo Fighters and best friend of frontman Dave Grohl. He has died at the age of 50 during a South American tour with the rock band. 

Born in Fort Worth, Texas

Taylor Hawkins was born Oliver Taylor Hawkins on February 17, 1972, in Fort Worth, Texas. At an early age, he moved to Laguna Beach, California with his family in 1976.

His parents, father Terry Hawkins, and mother Elizabeth Ann Hawkins raised him with two siblings, brother Jason Hawkins and sister Heather Hawkins.

Talking about Hawking’s education, he joined Laguna Beach High School and became graduated in 1990. He gained his bachelor’s degree from Private University.

Drummer For Foo Fighters

Taylor Hawkins was Alanis Morissette's drummer on the tour supporting Jagged Little Pill and her Can't Not tour from June 1995. He played in the videos for You Oughta Know, All I Really Want, and You Learn. He also appeared on Morissette's VHS/DVD Jagged Little Pill, Live in 1997.

Taylor Hawkins as a drummer for the band Foo Fighter
Credit: Rolling Stone

On March 18, 1997, the band Foo Fighters announced Hawkins as a new drummer. Besides being a drummer with the Foo Fighters, he also provided vocals, guitar, and piano to various recordings. Later he became co-writer of the band and contributed his song writings. With the band, he recorded eight studio albums.

Some of his major songs are; Cold Day in the Sun, Learn to Fly, I Feel Free, Somebody To Love and  There Is Nothing Left to Lose. Also, he is engaged in other projects.

Hawkins' final performance was at the Lollapalooza Argentina festival on March 20, 2022, with the Foo Fighters before his death. 

Marriage With Wife Alison Hawkins

Taylor Hawkins was a married guy. He had tied his knot with his wife, Alison Hawkins in 2005. They together shared three children, Oliver Hawkin of age 16, Annabelle Hawkin of age 13, and Everleigh Hawkin of age 8. In 2012 they had moved to Hidden Hills, California, from Topanga Canyon.

Taylor Hawkins with his wife Alison Hawkins
Credit: The Teal Mango

In August 2001, Hawkins overdosed on heroin which left him in a coma for two weeks. Later he explained that he was not addicted to it but was just partying too much.

Taylor said that his family had served as inspiration for his music during his career. He has also written a song for his daughter Annabelle named Middle Child.

Cause of Death

Late American musician drummer, Taylor Hawkins was the most recognizable member of the group, appearing alongside the lead singer. According to its website, the band was scheduled to perform in Bogotá for the Festival Estereo Picnic, on Friday followed by Lollapalooza Brasil on Sunday. But the untimely death of Hawkins, Friday's performance was canceled just as fans were gathering.

Police and Ambulance outside of the hotel  where Taylor Hawkins were found dead
Credit: Daily Sabah

On March 25, 2022, the Foo Fighters announced that Hawkins had died at the age of 50. The cause of death was disclosed. According to a statement by local health authorities, Hawkins was suffering from chest pain in his hotel room at the Casa Medina hotel in Bogotá, Colombia. At the time a call for emergency services was made. Hawkins did not respond to CPR when health personnel who attended the scene performed CPR  and was declared dead. Investigators did not say if the mix of drugs was a factor. 

 On the festival night, the stage on which the Foo Fighters were to perform was full of a candle as a vigil for Hawkins. The screens on five stages projected the message, "Taylor Hawkins Por Siempre," which translates as "Taylor Hawkins Forever."

Estimated Net worth of $40 Million

The American musician, drummer, songwriter, and singer Taylor Hawkins had a net worth of $40 million dollars. In 2000 he has purchased a 2,728 sq ft property for $585,000 in Topanga, Canyon, California. Later they moved to  Hidden Hill estate in 2012 where he paid $2.7 million which includes a huge ceiling, fireplace in the living area, 2 suite bedrooms, a swimming pool, and many more.

 Hawking has a car collection of Mercedes-Benz AMG GT of $550,000 USD and also had a $1 million USD Roll-Royce Phantom. Volvo XC60, Jaguar F-Type, Lincoln Nautilus, and Audi Q8 were his other automobile collection.