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Meet TJ, Kat Stacks Son Whom She Raised As a Single Mother

salina Published On Sat Jul 24 2021   Modified On Sat Jul 24 2021
Meet TJ, Kat Stacks Son Whom She Raised As a Single Mother

TJ is the son of the famous American social media star, blogger, and rapper, Kat Stacks. She gave birth to TJ, who she raised all on her own as a single mother while enduring abuse from her baby's father who was also her pimp. 

Her pimp, the baby daddy had never been talked about or mentioned publicly. While there were a lot of speculations about her being married to her pimp, she denied all those rumours. 


Kat Stack is the mother of TJ. His father's name is not mentioned publicly, however, Kat has posted the picture of her pimp on her Instagram.

Kat is quite popular for provoking controversies online of the pop culture world. There are also numerous rappers with whom she had dated and been in a relationship. 

Some of Stack's diss tracks can be found on her YouTube channel since she. gains a lot of views on that particular platform. Diss tracks and daily vlogs are her favorite pastimes. 

Kat Stack
Kat Stacks, Mother of TJ. Source- Verge Wiki

Stack is also a published author. One of the first books she wrote is named 'Admire Andrea: Surviving Savagery to Saving Lives' in the year 2013. She portrayed the untold stories of sex trafficking in the United States of America. In the midst of writing, Stacks was almost deported from the USA. 

In the meantime, her second book was published in 2015 was named 'Becoming Kat Stacks'. This book was surrounded by a lot of controversies because Stacks mentioned all events of her life and career as a young sex worker in the industry.

Stack's Journey to Motherhood

Stacks had a very difficult childhood and teenage years. DShe was sexually harassed and abused when she was only of age 13. furthermore, she was forced to leave her family which in turn made her homeless, so she had to live in the streets for some time. 

Later, at the age of 14, her pimp took her in and forced her into working as a sex worker. She gave birth to TJ when she was of age 14. In addition,she defended herself and her son TJ from her pimp who used to abuse her. In the present day, Stacks and TJ both are no longer subject to oppression. 

His full name is still not identified, and he is widely known as TJ which is his nickname. Because his father is a criminal, his identity is also kept hidden behind the doors.

TJ's Mother's Net Worth

Aside from the sufferings, Kat Stacks had endured, the infamous celebrity has earned a decent living from her career. When compared to those who are suffering, her current situation and work are far more superior. Her networth is thus estimated at $300,000. 

The talented Rapper and artist has accumulated a networth of millions. Social networking sites were also a source of profit for her. 

Affluent and outspoken, Kat stock has an annual networth of $30,000 which is quite decent for a person of immigrants who had a difficult childhood! 

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