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Travis Fimmel All Affairs And Link Up - List of Nine Hot Girls He Dated

uzwal Published On Tue Feb 23 2021   Modified On Tue Feb 23 2021
Travis Fimmel All Affairs And Link Up  - List of Nine Hot Girls He Dated

Australian actor and Model, Travis Fimmel is renowned for a best character who played the role of  Ragnar Lothbrok in  the History Channel television series named "Vikings". 

He is also popular for  playing the main character as Caleb/Marcus in the American science fiction drama television series "Raised by wolves".          

Apart from his endeavoring passion towards acting/modeling, Fimmel never knows how to give up easily. He believes that hardwork outwork anyone. 

Maybe that makes a woman attractive which he has gained huge number of female fanbase followers is short time. So In this post we going to discuss about his  All Affairs and Link Up.

Handsome Travis fimmel
Travis Fimmel
Source: CelebWikiGossip

About His Marital Status?

Travis Fimmel is one of those actors who likes to keep it private and secret. So there is no record of him being married  and never has been before. And also He doesn't have any Girlfriend right now.  So that's good news, He is single for now.

Hence, Here's the list of the women who had an affair with Travis Fimmel. 

1.Merrin Dungey

Merrin Dungey Hot Photo
Merrin in HBO
Source: TVLine

Merrin Dungey is an American television actress. She is famous for the role on the television series , Summerland, The King of Queens, Malcom In the Middle and medical drama, The Resident and further more.

In 2003, There were rumors that Travis had a relationship with Dungey but it was brief and momentary relation that couldn't last more than a year.

Now, Merrin is happily married to Matthew Drake and She has two children.

2.Jessica Miller

Travis and jessica
Jessica with Travis at the Oscars Vanity
Source: Who Magazine

Jessica Miller is an American Model. Jessica presented herself at the Oscars Vanity Fair party with Travis. 

In 2002 , Travis had a good time with Gorgeous Jessica. They had been dating over the year.

3.Rachel Hunter

Rachel Hunter Hot Picture
Beautiful Rachel in Party
Source: Fandango

Rachel Hunter is Popular Super Model in New Zealand. Travis dated Rachel for Several Months in 2002. There is no exclusive news about Travis and Rachel.

4.Gina Gershon

Gina gets Flirty with Travis Blog CP
Source: Page Six

Gina Gershon is an American Actress. She had played a major role in the films like The Insider (1999) , Showgirls (1995), Red Heat (1988) and further more.

In 2016, Around May, Travis was dating Gina Gershon. There has been rumored that a former producer introduced them which set the motion in their relation.

5.Nicole Appleton

Nicole Appleton

Nicole Appleton is a Canadian Actress, Singer and Television Presenter. Nicole is the member of girl group band "ALL SAINTS".

 There were a rumors that she was the first date of Travis. In 1999, Travis and Nicole dated for short period of time.

6.Mei Melancon

Mei in Saints Row

Mei Melancon is an American Actress, Former Fashion Model, Producer, and Screenwriter. She has played more than hundreds of commercial promotions as an actress and model.

From the year 2007 to 2008, Both Mei and Travis were in a relationship. They had a short Fling which doesn't last more than a year.

So, Records shows that these are the woman who had an affair with Travis. 

There are also the word of the street, hearsay that Travis had hooked up with these different women whose names are: Nita Kuzmina, Joy Bryant and Ceara-Lynch. If you know more, please Comment down below: