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Who Is Vincent Sinclair? Who Casted Him To Play The Younger Version Of His Father Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious 9?

abhram Published On Tue Aug 16 2022   Modified On Tue Aug 16 2022
Who Is Vincent Sinclair? Who Casted Him To Play The Younger Version Of His Father Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious 9?

Vincent Sinclair is the star kid, he is the son of Vin Diesel. His father is popular for his role in the Fast & Furious series. He is born to Vin Diesel and his long-time girlfriend Paloma Jiménez. 

Like his father, Vincent Riley is too actor by profession. He played the role of young dom in F9: The fast saga. Vincent is too following in his father's footsteps. 

Vincent Sinclair's father Vin Diesel is a well-known actor and filmmaker. He is one of the industry's highest-paid actors. Vincent's father, a well-known Hollywood actor, was a street performer; he used to sing in the street before breaking into acting.

Today we'll learn all about Vin Diesel's kid Vincent Sinclair. Here we will try to explore all the interesting facts about Vincent Sinclair, including his wiki, net worth, career, interests, and more. Let's get started.

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Early Life Of Vincent Sinclair; Her Birth, Parents & Siblings

Vincent Sinclair's full name was Vincent Sinclair was born on April 3rd, 2010, in Los Angeles, California. He is the son of Vin Diesel & his girlfriend, Paloma Jimenez. He is the second child of his parent. His name is inspired by his paternal grandfather’s surname Irving H. Vincent.

He is of mixed ancestry, Caucasian and Hispanic. His father, Vin, is of English, German, and Scottish ancestry, while his mother is Mexican.

His father Vin Diesel, whose real name is Mark Sinclair, is a famous Hollywood actor known for his role as Dominic Toretto in the Fast and Furious series, Her mother Paloma who was born with the name Karla Paloma Jimenez Denagustin is a Mexican model and actress. 

Is Vincent’s Father’ Half African-American?

Vin has been in the headline several times regarding his ethnicity since his debut in the film industry. Many directors thought he was either too black or too white at the start of his career. Although there is no trace of Vin Diesel's father, he has stated on multiple occasions that he is culturally and racially ambiguous. He stated,

“I don’t know what I am. I’m a combination of many things. I never knew my biological father. I’ve always had less information than I would have liked to have had. All I know from my mother is that I have connections to many different cultures.”

He was raised by his stepfather Irving H. Vincent. , who belongs to the American-African ethnicity.

Vincent Sinclair Siblings

He has two biological siblings. He is the second child of his parents. His elder sister Hania Riley Sinclair was born on April 2nd, 2008. While his younger sister Paulina was welcomed on 14th March 2015.

Vincent Sinclair with his father and sisters

His elder sister, Hania followed his father's footsteps and becomes an actress. Hania is known for his role in her work in Fast & Furious Spy Racers. 

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Paulina, Vincent's younger sister, was named after the late actor Paul Walker. Paul collaborated with their father on the Fast & Furious sequel. He, unfortunately, died at the age of 40 in a car accident.

Vincent Sinclair's Parents' Relationship: They Are Unmarried 

Vin Diesel and his partner Paloma have three children and have been together for 15 years, although they are still unmarried to date.
Vincent's parents began dating in 2007, and they have been together ever since. 

Even though they began dating in 2007, they did not publicly appear together until 2013. In 2013, the couple went on Tonight's Show with Jay Leno with their lone son Vincent.

Vincent Sinclair Parents

The amorous couple has been living together with their three children since 2007 and has a very wonderful relationship, but it appears that Vin Diesel was accused of cheating on Vincent's mother in 2016.

However, the media did not get its breaking news or headlines because this claim was only rumoured. Vin Diesel speaks out in public to clarify this charge against him.

She's everything. The perfect mother. She's so wonderful in so many ways, She's so stunningly beautiful, but people don't realize that she's my rock, so she's so stunningly beautiful on the inside."

Since this hoax was shown to be a PR ploy, no similar rumours about any of them have been heard again, and they are living happily with their kids.

Vincent Sinclair is an Actor: He appeared with his father

Just like other star kids, Vincent Sinclair too followed his father's footsteps to become an actor. He debuted with the 9th instalment of the Fast & Furious series, where he portrayed the younger version of his father's character, Dominic Torretto.

Vincent Sinclair on the sets of Fast & Furious 9

For the movie, he even got a daily paycheck of $1005. His father made clear it was not him who invited his son to play the role, it was Fast 7 director Justin Lon who wanted Vincent to be in the film. He said,

“I didn’t invite him to play a role in this. The Fast family is so truly a family. Justin thought it would be a good idea for him to play younger Dom.”

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Vincent's Father, Vin Diesel, Is A Listed Hollywood Actor

Vin Diesel, Vincent's father, used to sing in the street before making his acting debut. With the film Awakenings, he received his first call-up.

Following his acting debut, he tried his hand as a director, producer, and writer with the film Strays, in which he also stars. He played Rick in the film, which was released in 1997.

The pivotal film in Vincent's father, Vin Diesel's, career, however, turns out to be the 2001 release Fat and Furious. He played Xander Cage in the 2002 film XXX, and he was also a co-producer.

Vin Diesel with Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone for movie XXX: The Return of Xander Cage. 

Vin Diesel has also seen in XXX: The Return of Xander Cage alongside Bollywood sensual beauty Deepika Padukone.

Vincent Sinclair’s Net worth

Vincent Sinclair does receive some amount for his work in the 9th instalment of the Fast & Furious series, but he is a school-going kid and enjoying a lavish life offered by his father.

But His Father, Vin Diesel, is rich and has a net worth of a whopping $225 million as of 2022.