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Vonnie Wayans - Interesting Facts About This Wayans Family Member

chand Published On Sat Jul 31 2021   Modified On Sat Jul 31 2021
Vonnie Wayans - Interesting Facts About This Wayans Family Member

Devonne Wayans mostly known as Vonnie Wayans is a passionate Screenwriter who was born in a powerful American show business family. She holds Afro-American ethnicity. 

Her first work was produced by her own family production called Wayans Production. She was so interested in screenwriting so that she later went and work in the entertainment industry.

Despite, coming from one of the famous family she is a very low-key person. Even though all other siblings liked to get involved in much other entertainment industry Vonnie is fine woking just as a screenwriter. She is the youngest sibling out of ten. 


Vonnie was born to Howell Wayane and Elvira Wayane. Howell was a Businessperson while his wife Elvira was a homemaker and social worker. They both were members of the Jehovah’s witness sect. Vonnie has five elder brothers and four elder sisters.

Wayans Fam With Oprah.
Wayans Family With Oprah.
 Source: Glamour Path.

More about her siblings :

Names Relationship Occupation
Damon WayansBrotherComedian, Actor, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Television producer, Television director, Author.
Shawn WayansBrotherComedian, Actor, Film producer, Screenwriter, Television producer.
Keenen Ivory  WayansBrotherActor, Film director, Screenwriter Film producer Comedian Television producer Television director.
 Dwyane WayansBrotherFilm score composer, writer
 Kim WayansSister  Comedian Actor Television producer, Screenwriter,Television director. 
Nadia  WayansSister  Actress.
Marlon WayansBrotherComedian, Actor, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Television producer, Film director, Model
Deidre  WayansSister  Screenwriter, Film producer.
Elvira  WayansSister  Screenwriter.

Besides her siblings, she has got many nieces and nephews. Her nieces and nephews are Damon Wayan, Jr.Mike Wayan, Laila Wayan, Illia Wayan, and Marlo Wayan. And her grand-niece name is Ava Wayans.

 How was her childhood?

Vonnie Wayans grew up in New York in a Joint family. She is the youngest child from the first generation of Wayans family. Because she was the youngest in the family she was really cherished and protected by all of her elder siblings.

Wayans Family in Oprah's next chapter.
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 As her family was Jehovah’s witness sect members none of the siblings were allowed to relate with other children’s in neighborhoods. So, since her childhood, she was closest to her siblings. 

Even though she doesn’t like media attention she still makes time and spends quality time with her family. 

About her family business 

Her family owns the famous Wayans Production. The work created by Wayans family members is Scary Movie film series, The Wayans Bros, White chick, My wife and kids, and many more. 

Vonnie marriage?Husband? Children? 

As she is one of the most secretive people not much about her relationship is known. She has never been open about her relationship but has a beautiful little daughter whose name is Lauren whose life also Wayans keep out of media attention. Everything is a mystery including the biological father of her daughter. 

Vonnie's daughter Lauren.
Vonnie's daughter Lauren. 
Source: facebook/Devonne Wayans

Net worth 

Vonnie Wayans's net worth is about $200 thousand. Besides she owns a family fortune worth over $100,000. 

What is Vonnie currently doing? 

Currently, Wayan kid resides in New Jersey and works for Continental Airlines INC., and is also involved in screenwriting. Vonnie is a simple person and likes to keep her personal life out of media that is why she is rarely spotted in media. 

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