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Car Modifier Will Castro - Facts About Great Designer Who Pimps Ride

upesh Published On Mon Jul 26 2021   Modified On Mon Jul 26 2021
Car Modifier Will Castro - Facts About Great Designer Who Pimps Ride

Do you love cars your favorite celebrity owns? Do you wanna know who modifies and customizes them? 

If you do Will Castro is the person you are searching for.

Will Castro is a creative and unique designer, entrepreneur, and businessman. He is also known for his production and acting in many reality shows. His clients usually are high-profile celebrities.

Quick Facts about Will Castro

Full Name                                               Uriel Luis Castro          
Date Of Birth April 4, 1969
Place Of Birth Puerto Rico
Marital StatusMarried
Height Over 5 feet
Net Worth6.6 Million$

What does Will Castro do for a living?

Will Castro is best known for his unique and creative car designs. He helps some high-profile athletes and celebrities to custom modify and design their cars.

Will is also an actor in the reality shows: Unique Whips: Special Edition (2009), Unique Auto Sports: Miami (2010), Unique Rides (2016).

Will Castro standing in black T-shirt and pants
Will Castro Smiling.
Source: twitter/iamWillCastro

He has a passion and great creativity for designing and modifying cars but his talents don't stop there.

He also helps to modify Yachts and homes for his clients.

Wife and Family

Will Castro is happily married to his wife whose info he keeps far from the public's reach. The couple share three children: two sons and a daughter. 

Despite his secrecy about his wife's information he shares about his Fatherhood and his loving husband nature through his Instagram.

Will gives some insights into his personal life by uploading pictures wishing his wife on "Mother's Day", his children on their "Birthday" and such occasions.

Will Castro smiling with his wife and two sons.
Will Castro with his wife and sons.
Source: Instagram/iamwillcastro

Net Worth

Will Castro is known for his ability to pimp cars and his ability to please his clients which led his net worth to $5 Million.

Will's clients include some high profile celebs like Jason Derulo, Busta Rhymes, Carmelo Anthony, Odell Beckham, Jr., 50 Cent, Sean Combs, Pamela Anderson, LeBron James, and Donald Trump.  

Will also owns his own  company Unique Yachts & Will Castro's Designs and Unique. 

Mr. Castro also has his own website where he charges 20$ for services lasting 1 hour and 200$ - 100thousnad$ that lasts about 4 hours.

Though Will is known for his passionate and fantastic work for modifying and designing cars he himself owns a 2013 Dodge Dart.

Will Castro Striking a pose in a black jackey leaning in front of a car
Will Castro Striking a pose.
Source : twitter/iamWillCastro

Parents and Siblings

Castro was born on the Lower East Side of Puerto Rico. His parents spilt up when Will was of a very small age. 

He grew up with two younger brothers named "Chris" and "Bobby" as well as his sister "Dawn".

Despite the fact that his family was split in two his family member helped him to work in a auto shop name John's Auto Body where his career began and he got the idea for Will Castro's Design.

In fact, Will's brother was the first person to bring him first celebrity client Rapper Erick Sermon, who happens to be his younger brother, "Bobby's" high school friend.

Will Castro with Biz
Source: instagram/iamwillcastro

Besides his passion in design and modifying cars, yachts, and houses he has a great love for basketball which he flaunts in his Twitter account by posting videos of his favorite team and cheers them. 

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