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Yusef Rasheed – Oracene Price’s Husband Who Died of a Stroke

tp-admin Published On Thu Jan 25 2024   Modified On Sun Jan 21 2024
Yusef Rasheed – Oracene Price’s Husband Who Died of a Stroke

Yusef Rasheed is the ex-husband of Oracene Price, an American tennis coach who is also known as the mother of famous tennis players Serena Willams and Venus Willams. Serena and Venus are from Oracence’s second husband Richard Williams. Meanwhile, Yusef and Oracence shared three children Lyndrea PriceIsha Price and Yetunde Price together. Rasheed didn’t get a chance to live happily with his family as he died of a stroke in 1979. Do you know that his daughter Yetunde Price was brutally murdered? Keep reading and you will find more untold facts about Oracene’s first husband Yusef.

Who was Yusef Rasheed?

Yusef Rasheed was an American personality who came into the limelight after marrying renowned tennis player Oracence Prince. He was born as Yusuf A.K Rasheed in Arkansas, the United States.

Oracene Price’s first husband Yusuf Rasheed

He belongs to mixed Arabian and Nigerian ethnicity. He was 5’8 inches tall and had a slim body build.

Yusef Rasheed was Oracene Price’s Husband

Yusef Rasheed was the husband of Oracene Price who has made quite a name by her efforts in the history of sports. Born on April 3, 1952, Oracene comes from an automotive factory background. Her parents used to work as automotive workers. They later moved to Delta where Oracene graduated from Western Michigan University.

Oracene, who is also known as Brandi, was deeply interested in sports from running track to playing basketball, football, and baseball. During her college time, she could hit a home run.

Yusuf and Oracena married at a very young age. They enjoyed a romantic relationship for a few months before tying the knot in 1972.  However, their relationship didn’t last long as Yusef died in 1979, 7 years after their marriage. Later on, Oracene got married to Richard.

Richard was also previously married to Lakeisha Graham with who he shares Dylan Starr Williams. The former couple tied the knot in 2010 but called off their relationship in 2017.

How Did Yusef Rasheed Die?

Oracene Price’s ex-husband Yusef was not diagnosed with any hereditary disease meanwhile he was also not found to be addicted to any alcohol or substance.

However, after walking down the aisle with Oracene they both had quite magical moments in their relationship. which could not last long.

After seven years of their married life, he suffered from a heart attack which took his life in a drastic way affecting his wife and his children miserably. He had congestive heart failure in 1979 when his wife was just 28 years old making her a widow at a young age.

His three daughters were seven, four, and one year old respectively at the time of his death. Later on, Richard took care of them as his own children.

Yusef and Oracene’s Kids

Yusef and Oracene welcomed three children throughout their marriage – daughters Yetaunde Price, born in 1972, Isha Price, born in 1975, and Lyndrea Price, born in 1978.

Isha is is also a prominent figure in America. She is known for her work in documentaries. From producing various documentaries and being a lawyer completing her education at Georgetown University Law Center.

 Yusef Rasheed and Oracene Price’s daughters

Lyndrea Price is the youngest child and works as a creative customer for Venus clothing brand, EleVen, and also worked as a Freelance Wardrobe Consulting. Before that, she worked as a wardrobe consultant for Home Shopping Network.

Yetaunde Hawanya Tara Price is the eldest daughter and owned a hair salon during the time of her death. Along with the hair salon, she has also worked as a nurse while engaging as a personal assistant to her step-sister’s tennis game at Wimbledon.

While she was the mother of three children and according to reports, was determined to pay her own way in the world. Sadly she left the world at the young age of 31 as he was murdered brutally in 2003.

Yusef Rasheed’s Daughter Drastic Ending

On the night of September 14, 2003, Yusef’s daughter Yetunde Price was chatting with her boyfriend in her SUV parked outside a house in suburban Compton, Los Angeles County.

According to the prosecution at the trial, two members of the Southside Compton Crisps street gang were present there at the time guarding the house.

Her boyfriend stated that he did not realize had been shot and drove to her relative’s house for emergency services. Yetunde was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital. Both the prosecutor and the defense at the murder trial agreed that Price was an innocent victim.

Robert Edward Maxfield, a member of a street gang, pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter on March 22, 2006. He was sentenced to 15 years with the possibility of parole. He was released in 2018 but subsequently arrested after violating his parole.

Oracene Married Richard William After Yusuf Rasheed’s Death

Richard and Oracene had proven their love and relationship to be quite strong since the beginning while providing quite a successful tennis career. He once claimed to have 29 businesses from merchandising and bottled water to publishing.

The two met while visiting the same church together and eventually started dating. They got married in 1980 after which Richard adopted Yusef and Oracene’s daughters. Unlike Serena and Venus, Yusef’s children were not interested in tennis.

Richard wanted to teach his children tennis after watching a match on television where Virginia Ruzciki won $40,000. Richard was planning while reading all the magazines and watching motivational videos. He wanted to have two children with Oracene as she mentioned in her interview.

Unfortunately, the couple could not hold their matrimonial relationship as they officially parted ways in 2002.

Yusef’s Wife Oracene is Supportive to Williams Family

On the contrary, Oracene had been the support and pillar of the Williams family along with staying strong since her daughter’s early days.

While Richard had made quite a plan for his kids to have a successful career in tennis. He tried pursuing his stepdaughters in this field but failed to do so. Meanwhile, he watched all the motivational videos and discuss all the strategies regarding his children’s future.

Richard immediately did not believe Oracene’s skills when she hit a tennis ball over the fence during her practice with Venus and Serena. From being a coach to her daughters while teaching them self-confidence and self-esteem at a young age. Both Serena and Venus have always been thankful to their mother and father for their contributions. accomplishments along with the challenges they faced.

Oracene and Williams’ Divorce

Richard and Oracene have shared quite struggles and challenges while taking care of their children and their career. Both their daughter Serena and Venus Williams have won numerous Grand Slam tournaments. Meanwhile, her husband had begun having extramarital affairs.

Furthermore, this bought quite chaos to their relationship and they began living separately in 2000. They said that irreconcilable difference was the reason for their split. Finally, in 2002, Richard and Oracene got a divorce.

Yusef Rasheed’s Net Worth

Yusef Rasheed had not had much during the time of his death. However, his wife has earned a massive amount of money throughout her career. Oracene has a whooping net worth of around $1.5 million, as of 2022. She was on the headlines regarding her real estate property with Yusef. The four-bedroom mansions in Palm Beach Gardens.

While Oracene is not an automobile freak but her daughter Serena has a modest collection of cars. She owns a royal SUV, Bentley and many other sports cars worth thousands of dollars and more. Being the most famous sportsperson in the world she has added quite an elite collection in her garage.