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Who Is Maximilian David Muñiz? Know More About The Son Of Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

abhram Published On Tue Jul 26 2022   Modified On Wed Jul 27 2022
Who Is Maximilian David Muñiz? Know More About The Son Of Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

Maximilian David Muñiz is a star-born kid who gains attention as one of the twin kids of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, a former American singer, actor, and producer couple.

His twin sister's name is Emme. Parents of the twin kids are big names in an Entertainment industry. Both Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony is a legendary singer. 

David Muniz was raised by his mother, Jennifer Lopez, after the divorce from her husband. David's father, Marc, is a veteran singer with three Grammy awards to his name, while his mother, Jennifer, is one of the leading actresses & singers of Hollywood who also has several accolades under her name.

How has the life of a star kid been? Is he following in the footstep of his parents? Is he, too, want to be a singer & actor? Let's find it out.

Birth Detail of Jennifer Lopez's Twin's Child

Maximilian was born at 12:23 a.m. on February 22, 2008, in Long Island, New York. He is one minute younger than his identical twin sister, Emme.

Jennifer Lopez with her twin's kid

After the successful delivery of the babies, Jennifer's manager Simon Fields made the official announcement to the public,

"Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc are delighted, thrilled, and over the moon."

Jennifer Lopez announced her pregnancy news at her final Miami Concert. She told

"Marc and I are expecting a baby!"

But the news of twins was not revealed by Jennifer. However, Marc made it official while he was in an interview with Spanish-Language TV in early Feb 2008. The couple, too, arranged a baby shower in New York on January 19.

Baby Was Named a Week After His Birth

The couple named him after a week. The middle names of Maximilian and Emme are David and Maribel, respectively. 

The name "David" was given in honor of Jennifer's father, while "Maribel" was presented in remembrance of Marc's sister, who died of a brain tumor early in life. 

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Their parents also gave him the nickname Max. Jennifer often called her twins coconut.

Personal & Education Details

His parents' two mansions in Brookeville, Long Island, provided him with a luxurious upbringing.

Maximilian David Muiz's mother purchased a second home across the street after their wedding for roughly $2 million, while his father paid $3.7 million for the house there in late 2000.

He was raised by her mother after their parted away in 2011, 7 years after their marriage.

It was found that Maximilian studied in a local school in Miami, Florida.

He belongs to Puerto Rican ancestry as both of his parents belong to the same ethnicity, and he possesses an American Nationality.

Maximilian Twin's Sister & Other Half Siblings

Maximilian has one biological sister and a twin. Emme Maribel Muniz is her name, and she is born 1 minute later after the birth of Maximilian. Initially, it was reported it was 11 minutes later. 

Maximilian and his twin sister Emme.

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The first images of Maximilian and Emme were sold for $6,000,000 to 'People.' Celebrity photographer Tony Duran shot the photos throughout a weekend at the couple's Long Island home.

Half Siblings

Apart from his twin sister, he has three half-siblings and one adopted sibling, all of whom are from his father's previous relations.

Arianna Muniz is the eldest daughter of the Grammy award winner, Marc. She was born after his affair with his girlfriend, Debbie Rosado, in 1994. They also adopted a kid Chase Muniz. 

Cristian MarcusMuniz & Ryan Adrian Muniz are his two sons from his former wife, Dayanara Torres, a former Miss Universe. 

Maximilian Resembles His Father 

If the look and facial cut are to be considered, Maximilian is a pure replica of his father, Max. He resembles his father, while her twin's sister looks like her mother, Lopez.

Maximilian’s dad Marc and her mom Jennifer’s former husband

Lopez stated in an interview with Latin Times when asked about the resemblance, 

"Emme is like a Junior-me; Max is like a junior Marc."

She also added,

"They're complete opposites. But she's like super focused and super sensitive and quiet and focused and he's kind of off the charts, lots of energy, super funny."

The twins are also seen in various TV shows with their mother regularly. 

Lopez herself posted a video on her YouTube account in April 2019. In the video, the twins asked their mother random questions.

Jennifer's Kids' Musical Talent

Both his daughter and son have great vocal talent and have the same love for music as their parents. 

In 2020, Lopez didn't only perform alongside Sakira & Bad Bunny but was also joined by her daughter Emme on stage at the Super Bowl halftime show. This was the first indication of Emme following in her parent's footsteps.

Emme's twin's brother is not far behind either. On the occasion of their 11th birthday in February 2019, her mother, Jennifer Lopez, posted a video in which Max demonstrated his singing ability in the background.

She posted it along with the caption,

"Happy Birthday, my Lil beautiful coconut brilliant boy. Mommy is so proud of you!!."

Maximilian, becoming ready to record the music with his mother.

Jennifer Lopez shared a video of Max singing Vance Joy's "Riptide" while his sister Emme played the guitar in September 2019. Lopez also shared a snapshot of her son from the recording studio in May 2020.

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Maximilian David Muñiz Parents Marriage

Marc and Jennifer were in a relationship in the late 1990s, and just after that, Marc divorced his first wife, Dayanara. Jennifer and Marc tied the knot in June 2004

But with things not going right between them, they parted way just seven years after their marriage in 2011. Jennifer Lopez filed for divorce in 2012, and in 2014 they were officially divorced.

Jennifer Took The Primary Custody Of The Kids

After the divorce, The court handed the Kid's custody to their mother, Jennifer. However, the Kid spent half time with their mom Jennifer and half time with the father, Marc. They both handle their children by co-parenting.

Once Jennifer admitted that she was terrified that her children would be kidnapped. As a result, she paid £300,000 to employ a team of bodyguards to keep an eye on them.

Maximilian David Muñiz’s Net Worth in 2022

Maximilian is a school-going kid and is neither involved in any other profession. He doesn't have a net worth of his own. But is living quite a lavish lifestyle given by his star parents.

Both his parent is rich. His father, Marc, has an estimated net worth of $80 million, while his actress mother, Jennifer, has a net worth of $150 million as of 2022

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