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Home celebrity Know Everything About Pele's wife Marcia Aoki : Her Job, Net Worth, & More

Know Everything About Pele's wife Marcia Aoki : Her Job, Net Worth, & More

Published On Wed Jul 20 2022   Modified On Wed Jul 20 2022
Know Everything About Pele's wife Marcia Aoki : Her Job, Net Worth, & More

Marcia Aoki is a Brazilian entrepreneur and celebrity wife of Japanese origin. Similarly, Marcia Aoki is the wife of a well-known Brazilian footballer, Edson Arantes do Nascimento who is popularly by the name Pele.

Pele is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time. While his wife Aoki is a successful business Tycon who had made her name in the export and import business.

Pele was the greatest of his time and apart from his successful career, Pele's life was full of controversies whether it is controversial government ties or rumoured extramarital affairs. 

Pele has several achievements including several big awards but he is still dragged himself to be in the headlines with controversies.

While a lot can be read about G.O.A.T footballer in the online portal but his wife Aoki has left very little to no information about her. What can be the reason behind this? Let's see home hidden facts about Pele's wife Aoki.

Marcia Aoki Is Of Japanese Origin: Born In Brazil

Aoki was born with the name Marcia Cibele Aoki in 1966 in Penapolis Sao Paulo. She is born to a parent Paulo and Isaura Aoki.

She has a mixed ethnicity of Japanese and Brazilian. Her Parents are are paediatricians and successful business owners. This influences Marcia to be an entrepreneur.  

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She grew up with her brother Carlos Aoki in Brazil. Her bond with her brother was very good and they both considered each other their best friend. 

Aoki went to a local school in Brazil. She had the aim of becoming an entrepreneur from a very young age and for that, she completed her Business administration in New York.

Marcia Aoki Is A Successful Business Tycoon

Marcia Aoki is a successful entrepreneur who does import and export of medical equipment. And She also working as Managing Director at Global Brands Japan KK, as suggested by her Linkedin Profile.

In the frame Marcia Aoki- The successful Entrepreneur 

Her experience includes working in United Media from 1983 to 2000 and then at Warner Bros. Consumer product from 2000-2004.

First Encounter Between Marcia and Pele

The first casual meeting between Marcia Aoki and the Pele was in the 1980s at a party in New York. They didn't have to see off till their second encounter again in 2010 in Sau Paulo. 

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It is reported that the duo was reconnected when they accidentally jolt into each other in the elevator of the building they live. This incident happened in 2008. Almost 3 decades after their 1st meeting up.  

Pele with his third wife Marcia Aoki

Remembering this funny second accidental encounter, the three-time FIFA World Cup winner told The Mirror, 

“I said I was renovating my apartment and Marcia, who was separated by then, invited me to see a home renovation she’d done.”

The couple dated for six years before exchanging vows. The couple was spotted together for the first time in 2012 in Monaco, the couple was there to attend a football match.

Marcia Is Pele’s Third Wife 

Before Marcia, Pele was already married twice. Marcia is his third wife. The two ladies with whom Pele tied the knot were Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi and  Assiria Lemos Seixas.

Pele Marriage With Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi 

The couple walked down the aisle in 1966 and were together for 16 years before parting away in 1982.

The duo are a parent of three children. Their eldest daughter Kelly Cristina was born in 1967 followed by their second daughter Jasmine in the next year.

And their youngest child, their son Edson was born in 1970. Edson was also known as “Edinho. He played at Pele's old club, Santos, as a goalkeeper in the 1990s.

He was sentenced to prison for 22 years in 2014 on a charge of money laundering that he earned from Drug Trafficking.

Pele second Marriage With Assíria Lemos Seixas

Pele married Assíria Lemos Seixas in 1994 and seperated in 2008. In 14 years of togetherness, they welcome twin Celeste and Joshua in September 1996.

Pele's Marriage With Marcia

Pele and Marriage begin dating after their second encounter in 2010. The couple dated for 6 years before tying the knot. The couple tied the Knot in 2016.

Marcia Aoki and Pele married in July 2016 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

There was a huge age difference between the couple, Marcia was 25 years younger when they got married. The couple was supposed to marry a few years earlier but Pele suffered from health complications and because of this, they had to postpone their plans.

The couple tied the knot in Guaruja, Sao Paulo, Brazil. And Pele announced this on his social media.

Pele Had Several Extramarital Affairs

Pele who was already married thrice has himself admitted to having several affairs both before and after his marriages. He even is unaware of the fact that the number of children he had while having affairs.

Pele further claimed in his self-titled documentary – all his wives and girlfriends knew of his infidelity,

My first wife, the first girlfriend, knew about it. I never lied,” 

Said Pele.

Pele and his wife, Marcia in Dec 2021.

It is also rumoured that Pele is supposed to have at least three more children from his affairs but unfortunately one among them died in 2006. Pele admits to betraying the trust of two of his previous marriages, but some allege he was also unfaithful to Marcia.

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Marcia Aoki's Net Worth, Is She As Rich As Her Husband?

Marcia Aoki who is a successful footballer is rich. He owned a handsome amount as an athlete and from his business post-retirement, his net worth is expected to be over $100million.

While the net worth of Pele's wife, Marcia is still unclear. Though she is a successful entrepreneur and also a managing director of a renowned firm, there is no exact figure of her net worth. 

But it is believed that Pele's wife might have a net worth of a few million or even higher.

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