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Who Is Wendy Barlow? Know More About Fifth Wife Of Ric Flair

abhram Published On Wed Aug 10 2022   Modified On Wed Aug 10 2022
Who Is Wendy Barlow? Know More About Fifth Wife Of Ric Flair

Wendy Barlow is a well-known actress, producer, media personality, and celebrity partner who was born in Canada. She is well known for being Ric Flair's wife, a retired heavyweight champion. She acted as the former wrestler's WCW valet.

Wendy Barlow is the former Tennis Player, Instructor and Tennis coach. Wendy played tennis for 6 years, she also played in Wimbledon. Wendy was included in the Greater Victoria Sports Hall Of Fame. She is a former Canadian Junior Tennis Champion in The Girls 18 Division,

But she gains huge attention only after her marriage to Ric Flair. Wendy Barlow and Ric Flair's married relationship lasted just 3 years.

We will discuss her career, her relationships over the years, as well as her children, in this article. Stay connected with us. 

Wendy Barlow Early Life

Wendy Barlow's date of birth is controversial and ambiguous. Few online portals claim she was born on December 4, 1967, while few claim (Wikipedia) she was born on May 7, 1960.

But her daughter wishes her birthday on December 4 of every year. She is born to a parent Bob Barlow and Marilyn Barlow. Her Father Bob Barlow is a former Hockey Ice Player. Not enough detail about her family is known. It is believed that her grandfather was in US Army. 

Wendy was WCW valet for Ric Flair

She had a brother,  Bobby, who passed away in 2020 because of cancer. She shared the sad demise of her brother on Instagram. 

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Wendy Barlow Is The Wife Of Retired Wrestler Ric Flair

Ric Flair is regarded as one of the best World Heavy Weight Champions of all time. Along with this, he had always been in news for his multiple marriages. He had several affairs in his life to date. Wendy Barlow is one of his five wives. Ric and Wendy exchange Vows on September 12, 2018, at a beautiful resort in Florida.

Wendy Barlow With Her Husband At Their Wedding

The wedding was attended by WWE legends like The Undertaker and Dolph Ziggler. Along with the WWE legends, very few family members were invited to the wedding. One of the Ric Daughters, Charlotte Flair also attended her father's wedding with Wendy.

It was not a big surprise when Ric Flair announced his fifth wedding, he announced his wedding with Wendy on Instagram with the caption

‘It’s Going To Be A Wonderful WOOOOO Wednesday

Wendy too took the Instagram and writes,

My Best Buddy From Cali is in town …Something must be going on.’

The couple was happily married and everything was going fine just when Ric Flair went to experience a near-death moment. Ric Flair's health condition degrade and he was kept on life support for almost 10 days.

Ric Flair while remembering his health experience stated, 

What I remember was that I couldn’t talk, but I could hear people talking about me. My daughters told me that the doctor said to go in and say goodbye to your daddy, he’s not going to make it.

However, it was not the first time when Ric Flair experienced major health complications. In 2017, he was diagnosed with early-stage Kidney Failure and was also on edge of congestive heart failure.

She Dated Ric For years Before Walking Down The Aisle

In 1993,  Wendy and Ric's had their first encounter; Wendy used to be WCW valet "Fifi the French Maid" for Ric. Despite having met in 1993, their romantic relationship didn't start until 2013. They dated for three years before getting engaged in 2016.

After two years after their engagement, they got married on September 12, 2018, at a beautiful resort in Flordia. They share great love and bond and are often spotted on holiday. In 2020, they went on a family vacation to Tulum, Mexico with their kids. 

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Ric and Wendy Divorced

But like many celebrities whose happy marriage begins to experience problems after a certain interval of time, Wendy and Ric too went through this. Everything between the couple changed and they parted away on January 31, 2022

Rick and Wendy get  divorced on January 31, 2022

Wendy Barlow Is an Actress & Producer

Wendy Kickstarted her career as a WCW valet. Then tried her hand at acting. She made her acting debut in 1993 in a TV special WCW SuperBrawl III. She was also seen portraying the role of Fifi in WCW Fall Brawl and Halloween Havoc. She appeared in the reality TV Series Celebrity Wife Swap, along with her husband Ric in 2013.

She took part in the documentary television program 30 for 30 in 2017. She also had an appearance in an episode of the WWE Raw TV series in 2019. She also played Jogger in The Joneses in 2009, albeit her part was unacknowledged.

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Wendy Barlow is Ric Flair's Fifth Wife

Ric Flair remains in the headline for his relationship multiple times. He has been linked with many women. And has been married for five. His first wife was Leslie Goodman, the couple married on August 28, 1971, and parted away in 1983.

After divorcing Leslie, Ric married Elizabeth Flair. This relationship remains his longest martial relation. They were together from 1983 to 2006.

He wed Tiffany Vandermark, a fitness competitor, for the third time. On May 27, 2006, they got married, but like his prior unions, it was short-lived and ended in divorce in 2009.

He wed Jacqueline "Jackie" Beems a fourth time. On November 11, 2009, they were wed in Charlotte, North Carolina. But as luck would have it, they divorced in 2014 after only a few years of filing for one in 2012.

Wendy Barlow Kids

Wendy Barlow is the mother of 4 kids. She has 3 daughters and a son. Their name has been kept secret. Wendy keeps sharing photos of her children on Instagram. Ric accepted her kid and fulfil father's responsibilities. 

Wendy Barlow with her kids and husband

Wendy is also a stepmom too, Charlotte, Megan Fliehr, Reid, and David. They are born from their father, Ric Flair Previous relationships.

Ric's daughters Charlotte and David are also successful wrestlers like their father. Charlotte who was born in his father's relationship with Elizabeth won NXT Women’s Championship title in 2014. David was born to Ric's first wife Leslie.

Reid the second child of Ric from Elizabeth died of a drug overdose on March 29, 2013.

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